Parlez-vous fromage?

Did you know France produces over 1,000 types of cheese?  Amazing!!  And there is much more to be found that just Brie and Camembert!   These  websites are devoted to the cheeses of France. They have regional maps, showing the areas where each cheese is produced, with description of the flavors, the processing methods, suggested food pairings, and more.



Check theses out.  No Velveeta here! 




        Bon Appetit!

8 thoughts on “Parlez-vous fromage?

  1. Marlys

    Everyone should try Mont d’Or. Bake it till it’s golden and crispy on the top and all gooey inside and you have instant cheese fondue, a generous meal for 2 w/ fresh baguettes, of course. Heavenly! Goes w/ bordeaux. (You can do the same with Camembert, by the way)

    Another favourite is goat’s cheese on sesame baguettes w/ cherry tomatoes. Instant healthy meal. All raw milk (au lait cru) cheeses are best. They have more flavour to them.

    1. enchantedtraveler Post author

      Oh yum!!! What great suggestions! Baking the Mont d’Or sounds wonderful. Must be sort of like a Swiss raclette, that gets crispy on the outside, and gooey melty on the inside. Delicious! And the fresh baguette is a must. Thanks so much for your recommendations!
      Vive la France!

    1. enchantedtraveler Post author

      My husband loves goat cheese!! It’s a bit strong for me, but the Chardonnay would be perfect! 🙂


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