Traveling to Montpellier

Today I’m leaving Lourdes enroute for Montpellier. I’ll be joining a group there for 4 more days of discovery in this beautiful country.

Isn’t technology great?……(when it works). I’m on a train zipping thru southern France and can take pics to share with you right away… least until my iPhone battery dies! We’re on the outskirts of Toulouse where I’ll change trains. Best photo I can get from speeding train window. More later…..

Ok, we have 45 min to wait for next train. Let’s grab something for lunch to take with us. Not sure which sandwich? Then just go straight for desert. Frambois tartlette? Or palmiers are always great. Ok……..both!!

Now we’re on the next train to Montpellier. This train is very nice. Goes all the way to Avignon. Have you heard the children’s song “Sur le pont d’Avignon…”? Kinds like the French version of London Bridge is Falling Down. Gotta go now……battery out of juice. More later.

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