Touring Montpellier

Carbo loading across France. Croissants, baguettes, pain au chocolat , pain au raisin…..oui, I try them all!!

This morning we toured Musee de Fabre which features art from 17th to 21st century

French school children on field trip to museum.

This time of year there are wonderful Christmas markets all over Europe. Montpellier is setting up their market today.

Montpellier is a delightful mix of old and new. With population of 285,000, including 3 universities, with 80,000 students, there is always something going on. Antigone is a lovely modern pedestrian zone which runs from the river, nearly 1 mile, and contains modern apartments, office buildings, shops & restaurants….& many beautiful fountains.

So much shopping…….so little time.

45 minutes from Montpellier is the picturesque medieval village of St. Guilhem le Desert. Village was established in 806 on the pilgrim route to Santiago di Compostella. The Benedictine monastery and Abbaye de Gellone date from the 10th century. Carmelite nuns live in the monastary today and still rent rooms to pilgrims.

I’ll load photos later. Now, we’re traveling by bus, it’s getting dark and there’s a soft rain falling. I trust our driver, Jean Pierre. In two hours, we’ll be in the walled Cite de Carcassone, the largest, best preserved castle in Europe.

2 thoughts on “Touring Montpellier

  1. urbantravelgirl

    Mary Ann, I love your blog and all these gorgeous PHOTOS!! I really get a sense for what these places are like… and Montpellier is on my list of a city in southern France that I REALLY want to visit. I’ll have to check in with you before I go for more insider tips… can’t wait to chat more about my new favorite country!


  2. enchantedtraveler Post author

    Thanks so much Maureen!! I love your blog too. It was great to meet you at TBEX and I’m glad Heather got us together. You’re the best. I like your style!


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