Paris Movie Walks – Comment to Win Your Free Autographed Copy

Who doesn’t love Paris and movies?  Michael Schurmann has combined the two into a winning guidebook, Paris Movie Walks, ten guided walking tours through the City of Lights, Camera, Action.   And now, you can win your very own copy, signed by the author!

I had the good fortune to meet Michael and his lovely wife Marlys aka @ParisBuff several months ago, and they led us on a walking tour of their Montmartre neighborhood.  They are among the fortunate few who live in the shadows of the beautiful white domed Basilica of Sacre Coeur, crowning the butte of Montmartre.

The cold, gray January day could not dampen our excitement as we strolled up and down the cobblestone hills of Montmartre.  As we rounded each corner, Michael set the scene for us, sharing movie trivia, as well as pointing out sights of historical and architectural importance.

One of my favorite movies is “Amelie” and I was delighted to find so many recognizable street scenes.  Who could forget the produce market with sweet Lucien and the obnoxious, sneering Monsieur Collignon, or the Two Windmills Cafe, where Amelie worked?  And of course the scene where Amelie’s secret crush races up the steps to Sacre Coeur, only to find Amelie is watching him from below.  Or the street she leads the blind man across, describing in rapid fire detail everything the blind man cannot see.

Now you can enjoy this same tour, and nine others covering all the “must-see” areas of Paris, as we are giving away a free copy of Paris Movie Walks, personally signed by the author!!!

Just leave a comment, and tell me what is your favorite movie of all time. One lucky winner will be drawn at random.  Go!

Contest closes May 13, 2010.  Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Paris Movie Walks – Comment to Win Your Free Autographed Copy

  1. Lori

    The 1963 movie “Charade” is one of my favorites, among many, that have film roots in Paris. I love the scenes where Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn walk through the parks along the Champs-Élysées – very quintessential Paris! They watch a Punch and Judy show, and later they stroll through a collectors’ flea market in the park. These scenes are a perfect juxtaposition of childhood innocence and international mystery that are the cornerstones of this movie. Paris and “Charade” … two must-see items!

  2. Whitney

    My favorite film of all time is “Love in the Afternoon,” although “Amélie” is definitely in my top 5. Obviously, I have an affinity for films set in Paris.

  3. lara dunston

    I was terribly disappointed we ran out of time on our recent trip to Paris and didn’t end up catching up with Michael and Marly. I’m a bit of a film buff (and a former filmmaker) with degrees in film, and I fell in love with Paris through its movies, so I was so looking forward to meeting a kindred spirit. My favorite film of all time is Jean-Luc Godard’s ‘Breathless’ although I love 90% of Godard’s films from the ‘Breathless’ onwards. Another favorite is ‘The Conformist’ as well as ‘Last Year in Marienbad’. But it’s breathless that really captured Paris in a refreshing way for me.

  4. Gary Jaworski

    Well, who wouldn’t want such a fantastic gift. I’ll be in Paris next week (May 10). This would be a real treat! Gary

  5. Clara

    I’d love to read this book, and it would come at a perfect time, since I’m going to Paris this summer. It’s impossible to pick one favorite film, but among them are ‘The Lady Eve’ and ‘The More the Merrier.’ The “walking” scene with Joel McCrea and Jean Arthur is one of the sexiest scenes on film – of any period. And the combination of Barbara Stanwyck and Preston Sturges in ‘The Lady Eve’ is hard to beat.

  6. Jessica Colley

    Great post! The romance of Paris shines through even on a cold January day. On a recent trip to Paris… one of the first people I saw arriving to my hotel was a former bond girl. Paris truly is the city of chic film stars!

  7. andrea

    marlys is lovely indeed!
    i have many favorite films so it would be hard to pick just one, but maybe it would be “amélie”” also,, great characters and scenery!

  8. Nat

    Hey so hard ! Let me think … a French movie in the Paris I love maybe La Grande Vadrouille… Why… because it’s a so intelligent and funny film… There are so many cult-issime scenes… Yep definitely The Grande Vadrouille of Gerard Oury ❤
    This gift is a terrific one !!! Good Luck all 🙂

  9. pearl

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway. My ultimate favorite movie ever is Cinema Paradiso. Memorable and fabulous.

  10. Angie D

    The first movie that comes to mind as a favorite is The Lost Boys. I loved that movie and can watch it over and over. I would love to win this because Paris is my favorite place! My house is decorated with Eiffel Towers.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    email bangersis(at)msn(dot)com

  11. Lorenne Richard

    My all time favorit of Hollywood films shot in Paris is Charade. One of the best films of all time. Then comes Amelie.

    I would really want to visit the places where many films have been shot in Paris. Choose me ! 😉

  12. Jennie

    I’m going to Paris this summer, too, for the very first time. I need all the guide books I can get and I love movies. In fact, I write about movies and books set in my vacation spots on my blog. This book was meant for me — it’s an omen. I made my book club read the sequel to Chocolate, by the way. If you haven’t done so, read it now. It’s quirky and fabulous.


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