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Enchanted Traveler

I’ve been in the travel industry since I was a teen, and have worked for a major airline, travel agencies, tour operators,  and a global travel distribution system.

Travel is my life, my career, my heritage, my hobby and my passion.  As a trip coach, I teach others how to “Travel Smart”.  I teach travel seminars around the state of Minnesota where I encourage my students to “explore….dream…..discover.”  You can find a schedule of my upcoming classes below.

In addition to writing this blog, I am also a contributing writer for Bonjour Paris, the definitive guide to Paris, and Girls Getaway, a gathering place for women.  I’m honored to have recently won a writing contest for World’s Most Inspirational Places, sponsored by Sharing Travel Experiences, for my article on the mesmerizing Cathedrale d’Images in Les Baux de Provence.

I fulfilled two of my long-time travel dreams recently.  I had the great good fortune to meet Rick Steves (Europe Through the Back Door) and Samantha Brown, host of the popular Travel Channel “Passport” series.  What a thrill!  They were both just as engaging and personable in person as they are on TV .

I have a Marketing degree from the University of Texas, and hold certifications from the Travel Institute in Wellesley, MA, the top credentialing organization in the travel industry.  I am also a Certified France Destination Specialist, certified by Maison de la France ~ the French National Tourist Office.  I try to spend several weeks a year in France, exploring new regions, and returning to my favorite enchanting spots.

I hope you find my travel tips helpful.  I love to read your comments, so please leave a comment on my posts, or share a travel tip of your own.  Keep reading, and keep traveling!

~ Enchanted Traveler

Upcoming Travel Seminars

Travel Smart

September 20 – Rochester Community Education; 7:00 pm

Enchanted France

October 11 – Rochester Community Education; 7:00 pm

Twitter for Travel

October 28 – Rochester Community Education; 7:00 pm

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sharon

    This looks just fantastic!! What a great job!

    I’ve been so lucky–Mary Ann, you’ve taken me on trips and shown me things I could have never managed without you. Any travelling I did, and really any I do today, can all be traced back to you and the places we visited and the things you taught me as a child.

    Congratualtions! Can’t wait to read more!!

  2. enchantedtraveler Post author

    Thanks for your kind words! I hope to learn much more, and share more, in the weeks and months to come!

  3. Chandler

    It’s Sunday night, Nov. 30th, and I’m in my office working. It was a great treat to take a detour with you just now. I can only dream! Have fun and be safe. Happy Thanksgiving to you all (a few days late). Much love.

  4. Cynthia in France

    Hi, MaryAnn, thanks for visiting my France video blog and leaving such a kind, warm comment. And thanks for the congrats on my recent marriage. Yes, it’s been quite an adventure. Monday I’ll have some videos and photos about the wedding, including some French singing and a French wedding cake with fireworks, if you have a minute to drop by again. I’ve bookmarked your site for info for our future travels around France. I’m still learning and much more to discover about the country. Great site. Bon courage! Cynthia

  5. travelinistanbul

    Hi MaryAnn,

    it’s a pleasure meeting you, your blog is full of good ideas and information, good job!

    Thanks for following my blog on Istanbul, hope you’ll keep on reading and please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help to organize your April’s trip!
    As far as the iPhone, I see, AT&T rates in Turkey are $0.0195/KB (about $20/MB), and I can imagine the inconvenience. Actually I don’t have this problem ’cause I’ve an european cell phone, but I’ll let you know if I find a good solution, ok?
    Keep on writing!

    Travel in Istanbul

  6. christa barkel

    Hi Mary Ann,
    I’m a collegue from the Netherlands (senior lecturer Marketing and Tourism at Dutch university and passionate traveller) and working on some classes regarding twitter for travel. Together with some students I’m conducting research on transformational power of social media on travel business. Might be interesting to keep in touch and share experiences.

    Feel free to follow me on twitter: @christabarkel.
    I’m still working on my website: nexttravelbusiness.wordpress.com.


  7. Elodie

    Hello Mary Ann,

    Very nice blog ! We have a wooden cottages in Dordogne, I don’t know if you already came in this area. Don’t hesitate to stop if you go through Périgord noir !


  8. Amy

    Hello Mary Ann

    My name’s Amy Barnard, i write for http://www.girlsguidetoparis.com an online travel guide to Paris. We are linked to Bonjour Paris and some other mutual people, we’d love to link exchange with you too!

    Please email me at this address to talk further, I hope to hear from you soon.



  9. bernard pollack

    Just saw enchantedtraveler.wordpress.com from a post called “50 Awesome European Travel Blogs,” you are doing terrific work, and we’d would love you to consider a link exchange.

    My partner Danielle and I are currently traveling to nearly every country in Africa (we are writing now from Dakar, Senegal) meeting with farmers, workers, NGO’s and community groups writing about innovations and projects that our working to alliviate hunger and poverty. We travel blog everyday at BorderJumpers (www.borderjumpers.org). We are trying to highlight stories of hope and success.

    Thanks so much for your consideration! My email is borderjumpers1@gmail.com

  10. Georgina

    I just wanna say that your blog is amazing! I´m just starting in Tourism and I´m trying to write a blog about my country: Argentina.
    Geor— 🙂


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